Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All Camo Stuff Camo Baby Shower Decorations

Camo is a fun theme for a baby shower - especially PINK camo!  Over on my camo party supplies and ideas page, I have a lot of ideas for various type of camo-themed parties (birthdays, bridal showers, redneck parties, etc), but I wanted to showcase some more ideas just for camo baby showers.

Here are some ideas for decorations for a camouflage shower.  I really love the camo diaper cake!

2 Tier Baby Shower Diaper Cake Centerpiece: Camouflage Couture2 Tier Camo Baby Shower Diaper Cake Centerpiece
Elegant Baby SquirtiesCamo Baby Shower Decorations - Camo Ducks
Mossy Oak Party Supplies Pink Heavy Duty 54in x 108 in Plastic TablecoverMossy Oak Pink Camo Baby Shower Plastic Table Cloth
Mossy Oak Breakup/Pink 7 inch Heavyweight Paper Plates - 8 PackMossy Oak Pink Camo Baby Shower Plates
16 Party Military Camouflage Party SuppliesCamo Baby Shower Kit for 16 Guests
Next Camo Party Supplies 7 Round Dessert Plates 8pkCamo Baby Shower Plates

If you want some more ideas for a camo part, just click any link below.

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  1. Camo on babies is just way too cute. I love your idea! Thanks for sharing your baby shower decorating ideas for boys!


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